Do I own the rights to my files?

Yes, once balance is paid in full you own the rights to all designs. However, Brand Therapy may use any artwork created for advertisement

purposes and portfolio. 


Are these the only services you offer?

Services listed are our most common and popular items. If you do not see the service you are interested in listed please feel free

to contact us. 


Can I have a copy of my designs for print?

Yes, copies of your design files will be provided once final payment is received. 


What is your turnaround time?

Turn around time varies depending on the service. Please refer to the page of service you are interested in for more information. 


Do I need my own concept or idea if I’m not sure what I want?

We prefer for you to have an idea in mind or at least know the look you are going for. Everyone's creative eye or opinion is not the same but

we are more than happy to freestyle any design . All artwork is original. 


What are my payment options?

Zelle, Paypal, and Cashapp are preferred payment methods. 


How can I contact you when my need is urgent?

If your request is urgent please call or text my direct number.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my designs?

We would hate for it to come to this but If you do not like the design outcome we can forfeit your contract and terminate our business relationship. Unfortunately, there is no refunds on deposits for work already started.